Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Physical or Spiritual Illness

As promised, in this article I will try to explain on how to differentiate the deteriorating physical sickness that might have been due to the work of negative/dirty energy (DE) which have been inherited (saka), send by someone (sihir/santau) or stumble upon (tumpang/lintasan).

It is very important to diagnose the patient with the correct question and scanning has to be really sharp to detect the presence of other entity in the patient body. As a qigong healer, we always convert the negative energy to positive as the nature of energy itself is positive and non destructive where it transforms to other form/class of energy. For me, the DE can be pulled out from the patient body or neutralised. We will talk more about that later as for now lets focus on scanning.

Scanning can be done directly to the patient's body or an object can be used to represent the patient. A form of communication/code needs to be established as a basis of identifying yes and no to question. Sometime the yes can be as simple as tingling effect on right index finger and no with tingling effect to the left index finger. Some even use medium like pendant and count the pendulum swing as 1 swing may refer to yes and 2 swings might refer to no. So all these need to be established and require practice to master it. Hot and cold can also be used to detect problematic area and also as a baseline i.e. Hot is yes and cold is no. All this is possible if you have strong chi presenece within you and utiling the chi to guide that subtle movement. The question has to be exact as possible and will normally start from general question and narrow down further to find the root cause. Normally it will start with identifying the sickness types whether it physical, spiritual, emotional or mental. Then it is narrowed down further, ie. If it is identified as physical illness like cancer or nerve problem then what type of cancer can be lymphoma, ovary or if nerve than it can be something like sciatica, or due to injury to the spinal cord. It can be further zoom in to the root cause like the vertebrae of L4 or L5 for an example.

However, we are talking about scanning DE here which the signature is quite varies from physical sickness. Lack of chi in a certain area would normally indicates the physical illness where you can feel the loop hole of the aura of the patient in that paricular area. Strong presence of DE will normally trigger an uneasy reaction from the patient itself and you would feel the strong push when you run your scanning.

To be continued..

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