Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm back online and this time it will be different

May peace be upon us all. New year is coming and 2011 will be the turning point as I will truly reveal myself and help the public with the knowledge that god has bestowed onto me. After practising for more than 1o years in various disciplines (qigong, reiki, aura therapy, etc.), now it is time to repay back to the society.

I will quit my daily routine job and focus on healing. Thanks to (Bro Lokman) for giving me confidence and platform to start my classes. My new journey on Al-quran has really awakened the missing link of body, mind and soul. Thanks to my Qigong master (Master Yap) who always told me to study, recite and chant Al-Quran and now I know why..

I will share this new journey in my next posting and if god willing I will start posting more articles actively. Next article will about diferentiating patient with physical and spiritual illness. Please check this blog regularly.

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