Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kidney Failure

More and more people are suffering from kidney failure every day and has to undergo dialysis treatment. The most common reasons for the failure are due to high blood pressure and diabetes. Before we go into the root cause, lets try to understand what or which part of the kidney actually that had failed.

Lets get to know our kidneys. Kidneys play very important role of the body systems. Disimpairment would caused the blood flow and cisculation would be dampant. Kidney is a very sensitive organs which a drmatic change in blood pressure may cause damage to kidney. Basic function of kidney is to filter the blood. The blood with waste products enter kidney via renal artery. It then goes to nephron (situated in pyramid apex) via major and minor calyces. Nephron is where the blood is being filtered. Then the clean blood goes out to renal vein and distribute back to the heart. Access water as urine will flow to bladder via ureter.

Most common people are diagnosed with chronic renal failure which is due to diabetes and high blood pressure. The kidneys attempt to compensate for renal damage by hyperfiltration (excessive straining of the blood) within the remaining functional nephrons (filtering units that consist of a glomerulus and corresponding tubule). Over time, hyperfiltration causes further loss of function. Chronic loss of function causes generalized wasting (shrinking in size) and progressive scarring within all parts of the kidneys. In time, overall scarring obscures the site of the initial damage. Yet, it is not until over 70% of the normal combined function of both kidneys is lost that most patients begin to experience symptoms of kidney failure.

Now, in qigong it is known that hip rotation is one of the best movement to bring back the qi level in kidneys. Mind need to focus and visulise the nepron is full with chi and functioning perfectly. All protein wastes and blockages are removed dissapear and gone. The kidney is strong and healthy and functioning perfectly. Believe it!


LarryH said...

I'd like to know more about hip rotation and anything else involved. I was hospitalized about 3 weeks ago for renal shutdown. My kidneys are operating at about 8%. I am dialyzing 3x per week.

I've been anointed with oil, and told that I have a slow healing coming. Your site may be part of this healing. Let's talk!

LarryH said...
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