Friday, December 31, 2010

Physical or Spiritual Illness (Part 2)

Ok, now let say we have found out that there is a DE in patient's body. Let's neutralise or take it out. Let me just tell you that DE is very harmful and extra caution need to be considered. Throught my years, I have been caught off guard as it is quite a smart entity to deal with.

Strong intent and focus is required here and to be on safe side I would just share on how to neutralise the DE. The technique would be the same as scanning but you would need to faa chi to the identifed area in the patient body. Before that, it is very important that the patient itself is willing to be healed and would help in the neutralising process. The script would be the same, you just need to change the physical sickness to DE. For example, you have detected the DE situated in the backbone, heart and head, so just focus on these areas and clean up the area from the DE. The script would be "The backbone, heart and head are all full with chi. All the chi channel and chi meridian of the backbone, heart and head are all smooth flowing with chi. All DE blockages, sickenesses and pain are all remove dissapear and gone. All disimpairment, disfunctional, deterioration and deseases done by DE, all are dissapear and gone, gone and dissapear completely totally without a trace. The backbone, heart and head are all functioning perfectly, functioning at tip top condition. The backbone, heart and head are strong and healthy.

This is quite functional when dealing with non violent entity which the job is to create destruction to physical body. However, a different technique is required when dealing with hostile entity like demonic possession cases. If god willing, I will talk about it in the coming article.

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