Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What is chi channel and meridian?

First, have you noticed what the doctor give to patient when they admitted or warded in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)? It is 2 of the basic elements which are water and air. To understand further about the 4 elements, please visit my other blog at foreverintime.blogspot.com

In many ways the bio-energetic aspect of the energy body can be likened to a perfect energy reflection of the physical body. Parts of the energy body can also be likened to many of its biological functions. The bio-energy circulatory system, for example, contains arteries (large energy conduits) and veins (smaller energy pathways). Like its physical counterpart, parts of the energy body can become dysfunctional if energy flow (blood) becomes blocked or reduced.

The bio-energy aspect of the energy body is not just a mere reflection of internal life processes, it also has a profound effect on them. If parts of the energy body become blocked or damaged the stage is set for disease to manifest within the physical body. Clearing energy blockages can therefore be thought of as being good preventative medicine.

Blood is the mirror image of life energy and has many of the same functions and properties. It takes energy and healing elements into, through and around the physical body. It also expels waste products (waste energies) and fights disease. Its energy counterpart can be greatly strengthened and blockages cleared so energy flow is increased to higher than normal levels. Increased energetic flow greatly empowers the body's self-healing intelligence, the incredible immune system, giving it more energy to fight disease with.

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