Sunday, January 6, 2008

Disease and chi

Increased flow of energy (chi) into the physical body boosts the immune system; sometimes quite dramatically. This enables the body's natural self-healing mechanisms to work more powerfully and effectively. The most striking example of this boosting effect, as mentioned earlier, can be experienced when a cold, flu or virus is caught. If the full body circuit is done immediately, the symptoms will often vanish within an hour or so; or at the very least be significantly reduced.

The immune system, when energy boosted in this way, seems perfectly capable of throwing off or reducing the severity and effects of any infection or virii.
The actual site of any disease symptoms may have very little to do with its bioenergetic cause. The part of the energy body that is damaged and/or malfunctioning may be remote from the actual site of pain and/or disease symptoms it is causing or contributing to. This is particularly so with diseases like diabetes, which is usually caused by a disease-damaged or malfunctioning pancreas. Juvenile diabetes is actually classed as an immune system disorder; according to the latest scientific studies, that is.

Every organ in the physical body receives minute bio-electrical messages from the brain through a complex network of interconnecting nerves (and nerves are related to energy pathways). These messages tell the physical organs how to function: what to make, how much, and what not to make, i.e., the correct quantity of insulin to keep the body healthy and alive. The bio-energy aspect of the physical body works in-line with these processes and effects them considerably. It is therefore reasonable to suggest here that if any of the bio-energy pathways within the energy body become blocked or damaged, that these messages could become garbled and/or blocked. The continuing good health of the physical body can thus be energetically thwarted and disease conditions allowed to manifest and thrive.

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