Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gravitational Force on Qigong

Do you notice something? First of all, have you been practicing? Let say you practice at the same spot every day but certain days you can feel that the chi field is a bit different.

There are many reasons for that, like the presence of external entity, internal body booster, etc. Anyway, today I would like to explain the effect of the gravitational force on the chi. You may have read from my previous posting about practising on top of the hill in order to get full benefit of chi. The same effect can be explored if you practise during full moon. So what happen during full moon? These are documented influences of the Full Moon on living beings . . .

•Triggers many natural rhythms and breeding cycles.

•Herbivores and humans ovulate around the Full Moon.

•The height of the deer rutting season occurs around two full moons.

•Coral mates at the full moon.

•Migratory Birds appear to follow the patterns of the moon for timing and finding their path of migration.

•Game birds tend to return to certain locations at the time of the Hunter's Moon.

•Bears, caribou, and salmon move at the Full Moon.

•Vets & dog trainers note that animals are more restless and unruly during a Full Moon.

•Oysters are sensitive to the cycle of the Moon and not simply the movement of the tide.

•Auto accidents rise 14 per cent.

•Women who have already had children are likely to give birth on the day of the Full Moon.

•Menstruation peaks most often on the evening before New Moon, even with the interference of modern lighting.

•The full moon amplifies the electrical charge in living cells.

So the last one, did tell us that it has an impact to the chi channel and meridian. That's why you will feel the energy is tremendous when you practise during full moon especially 12.00 am when the moon is right on top of your head.

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