Sunday, April 26, 2009

The best place to practise Qi Gong

I'm back after being away for some time and really like to share what I have discover about qi and qi gong. Last week I was at the location set for my daughter's photo shoot.

The interesting part about the location is the old house at the hill top. It was very green and the temperature is around 20 degree celcius. So it is just fine. I met the owner of the house and I told her about the fine qi surrounding the area. Obviously, she was not suprised as I was not the only one who told her that. Then she started showing me around and there were 7 vortex of qi in the area. I can feel the strong qi as I walked through the areas and identifed the areas for qiqong practise. The below are the areas where I have personally experience while practising qigong.

Hill top
- The qi is really nice plus the fog which will make the qi finer. Other than that the cool temperature will stimulate your skin sensitivity. This will enable you to feel and distinguish the atmosphere.

Watter Fall
- Running water energy is a very strong energy with the breeze and the sound its produce. The qi has more vibrational power and I would normally meditate in my qigong posture.

Bamboo Forest

- Wind qi and the sound produce by the bamboo cleanse out the negativity, so the qi is really fresh and pure.

Morning Qi

- The best would be at 6 o'clock in the morning where at that time the trees are just started to breath out the fresh oxygen.

So, there you have it. Email or send me a comment should you need further clarification. Take care.

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