Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Healing Meditation

Qigong view the flow of the chi channel as a stream of water flowing. All the vein and capillaries need to be in a relax state without any stress or blockages. The positions in some meditations do block the channel to flow especially the lower parts (hip bone and below).

The most relaxing is to sit on a stool about 1 foot high and place your huiyin or base chakra to be in the center of the stool. Now place both of your hands on the knee facing upwards with right hand on right knee and vice versa. Now relax and visualise the universe and you are part of it. Bring yourself back and next we start with the meditation.

First, we start with the lungs and the way to do this is by making a circle with your thumb and forefinger. The thumb is actually representing the brain and the forefinger is the lung. So now you have the circle both your left and right. Now, feel the chi is flowing from your brain down to your lung. The chi flow should be continous and you may start visualise that all the chi channel and chi meridian of the lungs are fill with chi.

All the chi channel and chi meridian are smooth flowing with chi. All blockages and sicknesses are removed, dissapeared and gone. All disimpairment, dysfunctional, deterioration and diseases are all dissapear and gone. Gone and dissapear completely, totally without a trace.

Finish the lungs healing with turtle breathing by visualising the chi from the universe is entering the body from the head at baihui point(inhale) and down to the toe at yunchuen point (exhale).

Now, you may start the whole process to your other vital organs. Next should be your index (middle) finger, ring and pinkie finger. The index finger is representing the heart and pinkie is the kidney. A little different on the ring finger since we have two different organ on our left and right. Your right ring finger represent your liver and the left is representing the spleen.

Once you down with all the fingers and you want to close your meditation, just do a flush of baihui and yunchuen to all the vital organs that you had just gone thru.

Have fun..

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Ane Recafort said...

When you are performing a healing meditation, you are making your mind, body, and spirit whole. You begin to feel as if you don't have worry or get upset about life. Your body functions without pain and illness. Most of all, you feel fulfilled.

Ilchi Lee