Sunday, November 18, 2007

Healing Sinusitis

It's annoying. Only people who suffer this sickness know the suffering. This is how I treat sinusitis problem with water and chi.

First, I would transfer or fa chi into the water in a bowl. Program the chi to clear all blockages in the sinus and nasal passage areas. Then I will inhale the water started with left and alternate to right (Alternate Kundalini Breathing). At this moment, you will direct the water to flow to all the sinus areas and removed all blokages. All the chi channel and chee Meridian are smooth flowing with chi. The nose is strong and healthy and the sinus is functioning perfectly.

Next, I will command the chi from the universe to enter the yintang. Start with focusing the universe, then bring it through your yintang and thru the yijen bone at the back. You will feel the force of the chi coming into your forehead and feel relax. Visualise the chi to fill all your sinus areas and clear all the blockages.
Give it a try..

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Ane Recafort said...

The sound that is most often used universally in this kind of meditation is the sound of AH, which is the sound of creation. Usually this is found in the words Amen or the sound of Ohm. When we create this sound ourselves as opposed to listening to AH, it brings us into an internal consciousness that cuts into our spiritual selves.

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