Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Personal Qi Gong Experiences

Qi Gong is a wonderful art of body, mind and soul. The feeling of the chi rushes into the body is unspeakable and if you lucky enough, you might get to see the forms of the chi. It will give you more confidence in healing process.

My first healing would be my own heart problem. From time to time, I would be strike by blockages in my aorta which will make me suffer strong sharp and fine pain at my chest. By practicing Qi Gong, I have no more problem with blockages in my heart.

I had also teach my wife and she has practicing it to fight Fibroid. One fine day, the fibroid just went off and my wife did not have to go through with surgery. Other cases, I had also heal broken bones, wounds and internal organs such as bladder, pancreas and kidney.

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